Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ERMAHGERD I finally posted!

It's been a disgustingly long amount of time since my last post, SORRY!

So here is what you missed. I love my clients, I have 3 bosses that have equal amounts of control over me, so thats not been an issue at all, and I bought this Gel manicure kit, and now I've become an unpaid spokeswoman for it. Also my husband bribed me into playing Diablo III. Oh, and we went to Las Vegas!

Clients: love them! I can't go into much detail, you know with privacy issues etc, but I have roughly 4-5 clients that I get to play with each week. I pulled both thigh muscles playing capture the flag with one of them. I found that I'm intensely competitive, and love to play dodgeball. I also learned that I have lots in common with immature teenage boys, like poop jokes. Here's a good one:

Knock Knock

Who's there?

I eat mop!

I eat mop who?

Gross, you eat your own pooh!?

Stolen from LOLDogs, fyi.

Something I don't have in common with teenage boys is the fact that I'm all girly about my nails now. And trust me, you would be too if you had this rockin' manicure that didn't chip for 2 weeks, and your nails were all shiny and pretty. I highly suggest buying SensatioNail from Walmart or CVS, its pricey to start, but if you add up how much you spend on manicures you actually save a ton of money even if you only do your nails 3 times with this kit!

 Diablo: For those of you that knew Doug and I during high school, you know we broke up because he played to much Diablo II. So when he started obsessing about the release of Diablo III I started researching divorce lawyers (kidding!). But I knew realistically that I was going to lose my husband to this game. I just couldn't compete. Doug got me to try Diablo Dos when we were dating but I was only interested in picking up gold, and stuff, I didn't care about the story. This time around Doug did his best to tell me about all the cool stuff I could pick up in this new game, but I still wasn't taking the bait. Then he devised this ingenious plan to bribe me to play with massages. Amen to that! So I started playing, and now I'm less tense and well rested, and I play Diablo III, like a hardcore nerd. To be honest I don't give a poop about the story still. Playing it kind of reminds me of a dark sinister version of The Sims, except it includes lots of killing, and stealing things off dead people.

And finally we went to Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend, and it was a blast! I started playing bingo like an 80 year woman, and in Vegas I won 3 times! I covered all of our gambling expenses, so really we just paid for gas, and food while we were there. We had such a great time, we can't wait to go back.

Hopefully I will be blogging more regularly, talk to you all soon!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pintrest anyone?

I just joined Pintrest, and I'm confused. But that's not the real reason for my post. I'm posting because I just got a new job!

I applied at this non-profit place working with children. After my second interview they told me a little about the job, they asked if I could start in a week.

Normally I would say, "No, I need to give my job at least a 2 weeks notice", but I really don't enjoy anything I am currently doing. I thought my current job was going to be my dream job, but it turned out to be nothing more than a banker/loan officer type of job. Except people are way more angry. The only job I left in less than 2 weeks was my temp job in Tallahassee, but hey, I was temp, it wasn't a real job.

Tallahassee Capital Building
So I gave my boss my one week notice. I'm out of there! And I couldn't be happier. At this new job I will be working with children ages 6-12 that have emotional or mental issues. Which I am ready for.

I used to babysit this young boy (2 years old) who had Down Syndrome, Autism and Diabetes. I taught him how to communicate through a little bit of sign language. Prior to me he didn't ask for anything, and didn't apologize for anything, he really didn't know how to interact with anyone. I also talk him how to walk, and to be honest, it was the most rewarding thing I've done, ever. Well except for slap Zach in the face, that was really rewarding, but on a different level.

Zach's identical twin (not really) Don Cheadle
I wanted to go into social work to help children, but the system that I'm currently working in is really geared towards adults, although people like to say we are doing this for the kids all the time.

The only thing that I'm sort of worried about is that the coworker that said, pregnant ladies should smoke, applied to the same job right after I told her I got the job....bummer. I really don't want her to follow me around.

I'm really excited to move onto this new chapter in my life! Finally I will be able to make a difference.

In conclusion, can anyone explain Pintrest to me!?!?! I feel like an old lady...again.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some people have really low standards

The end of last year I was hit on by a client. Let me remind you that my clients are people who are applying for supplemental income assistance. The type of person who comes in to the office is usually down and out. They are embarrassed or sad that they even have to ask for help. That probably describes about 90% of the people I see.

The other 10% of the clients are people who think I am their servant, are trying to withhold the truth from me, or want something for nothing, ugh, so annoying.

The client that came in and hit on me fell into neither of these categories. He was confident, and bold. It started like any other exchange, and the very last thing he said to me was kind of nice, but sort of rude, because he was putting down all of the women that work in the office at the same time as complimenting me. I was shocked that anyone would just blatantly say the things he said. But it was like 5 seconds of weirdness, and I moved on. During my training the instructor said we'd get hit on, but I thought he was liar, or that it didn't apply to me. One of the new workers got hit on while waiting for her interview though.

Then he came in again on Thursday. I see probably around 75-100 people a day, so names don't stick, but faces I remember. I called the guy to my window (it's sort up set up like the DMV), and he gave me his application and supporting documents. Again he complimented me with the same compliment that he gave me last time. I didn't say thank you though, I just said, "I knew you looked familiar" all accusatory like. He laughed and kept on talking about how my husband was so lucky, blah, blah, blah. So instead of 5 seconds of awkwardness, it was like 10 straight minutes of compliments. A-W-K-W-A-R-D

Then Friday he came in again. And again, I had forgotten his name, so he came to the window claiming he forgot to turn something in, and then said he wanted to see what I was wearing today, and then he winked at me and said in the most creepy way possible, "See you tomorrow".

I'm pretty sure I will forever hate being winked at. I used to think it was sweet. It reminded me of the suave men of the 1950's. And Mormon boys used to wink at me all the time. It was one of the reasons I love Mormons. But now....things are different.

I think I'm going to buy a taser gun.

When I worked at FSU, some girl called in and said that she was picking FSU as her choice of college because all of the guys sounded hot on the phone.  I thought it was hilarious and weird, because I could have hired troll looking people to answer the phones that just have pleasant phone voices. I could have but I didn't. I only hired hotties. I'm kidding, I only hired smart qualified people.

Have you ever been hit on in the workplace?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My lastest MRI Experience: timing, clothing, and music!

I had my second MRI today to check on my pituitary gland tumor. I was really anxious and nervous going in. I made sure I got there with plenty of time to spare. They told me my appointment was for 1:50pm, so I got there at 1:35pm (I hate being late, and I hate when others are late (just ask Zach aka DAE, I would say Mary, or Marlesa, but I'm pretty sure they both had stellar attendance)).

So anyway, I got there, and they looked at me like I had two heads, they were all, "Your appointment isn't until 2:20", and they proceeded to show me paperwork I never have seen before all with the time 2:20 on it. So I felt like a completely insane person, until the lady said, we tell our patients to come in at 1:50, but thats only so they have time to do their paperwork.

What has this world come to that we expect people to be late and lie about their appointment times, just so they have time to do paperwork? Punctuality is a virtue. My dad is a very punctual person so thats probably why I innately punctual , and when I was in choir the director always used to say, the fact that you are late, means that you do not value your time here, and where ever you just were was more important than showing up on time (I'm paraphrasing Dana, I don't remember what you actually used to say).  But I took that heart.

After that embarrassing debacle they called me back, and as an added bonus, they let me keep my clothes on for the MRI! Anytime you don't have to disrobe, and wear those awkward gowns is a huge plus.

This time around I knew what the equipment was going to look like, so I sort of knew what to expect, but they lead me to this GIGANTIC room, like, picture the biggest room you have ever seen, and then double it. In the very center was an ultra mod, sage green and gray MRI machine, it was so sleek!

Then they asked, "What kind of music do you like?" I was literally confused by the question, it felt so out of place. But they gave me headphones and played whatever Pandora station I wanted. I said, "I don't know...Pop?" (biggest mistake ever)

I put the largest over - the - ear - awkwardly - heavy and uber uncomfortable headphones on and laid down. After the second song which was Adele, I was sick of this Pandora station. It was like being in a loud dance club (MRI machine), but then having different music (horrible Pop music) competing with the beat of the MRI.

The last song they played was Maroon 5: Moves like Jagger, which is the song that makes me want to murder Maroon 5. Ok, not murder, but punch in the face, for sure! That was the last straw for me.

They pulled me out so they could inject me with dye, and I pleaded for them to PLEASE change the station, they laughed, and for the last 30 minutes I listened to Elton John, The Beatles, and Billy much better.

 Overall, this was a much better experience than the MRI I got in Tallahassee, the staff was nicer in Tallahassee, but the fact that I didn't have to wear a gown, and I got to listen to music made this the most pleasant MRI experience to date.

I'll know more about the results in about a month. I'll keep you all updated!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Story of Doug and Ana

It's our 5 year anniversary, y'all!
That felt so unnatural...

December 16th, 2006, a pretty awesome day in history.
Doug and I met whilst I was singing as a 2nd Soprano in Twilighters (way before Twi-hards everywhere started calling themselves the same). He was the sound guy, it was his job to make me sound awesome and the rest of the group too (also to turn off the mics of those who oversang the crap out of everything).

That was awkward me, in the 2nd Soprano T-Shirt and some of my awesome singing buddies (I love you guys).
 Doug wanted to ask me out, but he didn't have my digits, so he asked my good friend Jana if he could get my number, and then Jana called me immediately to let me in on what was going on. What a good friend.

I was sort of flirting (me, a flirt, no way) with this other guy at the time that Doug asked me out, but to be fair as soon as Doug asked me to be his girlfriend I stopped writing notes, and made sure the other dude didn't walk me to class anymore.
We went to a local Japanese restuarunt, that is undoubtably not there anymore, called Kame. They gave us chopsticks instead of American flatware! Sadly, I asked for a fork.....

I'm skilled with chopsticks now, just 16 year old Ana was not that coordinated.

It was a double date, so we all went back to Doug's place, to his makeshift bedroom in his parents garage that was lovingly referred to as "The Box", because it was literally, a box (a livable box though, not like a cardboard box or anything), oh and it was painted pink (Blushing Bride to be exact).

Doug and I @ Winter Formal

We were all talking about watching a movie, so we decided to watched American History X. Which coincidentally is not a good first date movie. After the curb stomping scene I told Douglas I needed to get home becuase of some fake curfew that my Dad never gave me, and Doug drove me home. But really, I just didn't want to cry my eyes out on our first date. It's a good movie though.

And with that small goodnight kiss was born our undying love for each other. Not really, we broke up (for like 5 days) right before prom, but we rekindled our love and have been together ever since (and yes we ended up going to prom together as a couple).
Happy Anniversary Doogle!

Side note: Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy, you are so adorable! Look at that stop stinking like vomit, and we will have it made. Or maybe I should say, stop eating rocks, dirt and twigs!

Young Buddy
I love December, its full with my Anniversary Christmas parties, potlucks, Secret Santa's and best of all Christmas! Happy December everyone! And thank you Jana for giving Doug my phone number.


Monday, December 5, 2011

2 of the Best and 2 of the Worst Jobs

I'm starting to find my groove here at work, finally. The first few months were sort of rough for me. I didn't understand what I was doing, but I knew I was doing it wrong. That's the worst of both worlds (I don't know if that phrase is supposed to be inverted like that, but it was certainly the opposite of  "the best of both worlds").

I'm the kind of person who wants clear direction, especially when it comes to complex evaluations for sustaining lives of children and families that need support. But you know, to each their own.

I have been fortunate to have honestly liked 90% of my past jobs. They were fun, or at least interesting, or if they weren't either, at least it was something to do. My favorite job of all time, and will always be my #1 is working at Hovland Computer Labs as a student worker at Oregon State University (Go Beavers!). My boss understood that first I was a student, and then I was his employee. He wanted to nourish my learning, not hinder it. I tried my hardest to model my managerial style after his, but different institutions value their employees in different ways.

Weatherford Hall = prettiest dorm ever!
Also, I made some kick ass friends for that 3 year stint at Hovland. Lifelong friends (Kim knows what I'm talking about), which are very hard to find.

 My 2nd favorite job was working at Florida State University, the people, my employees, they taught me so much, mostly how to strongly word your emails to make them almost crap their pants. I love those kids (kids = college students that were about 4 years younger than me). I miss them everyday.

University Center A: Where Admissions (among other, lesser things) is.
My least favorite job was my first "real" job (I did telemarketing for an insurance company under the table when I was 14). I was working at Deli Yogurt Express in my small hometown of McMinnville. I didn't need a food permit, but I had to make sanwhiches and wraps, and serve fro-yo. The no-food-permit thing should have been my first clue that this wasn't a legit place to work, but I didn't really care. My second clue would have been that there were gnats in the lettuce. My third clue was that this food establishment was sharing a building with a sketchy video rental/consignment boutique. MAN, those are a TON of clues, I was such a dense kid!

My shift manager had food issues, and would cry almost every shift and have to call her mother. It was scary, and her underwear would always be whale tailing out of her shorts, yikes!

The last straw was one day my car (the big blue beast plymouth acclaim) didn't start so I couldn't come in to work my shift, and I called my boss and he screamed at me, and made me feel horrible. I hung up the phone and cried, then my Dad came home from work, and I told him what happened and he called up my boss and told him I would be coming by to collect my last check. My Dad is amazing, he rescued me!

My other least liked job would be, the nursing home internship. I felt like I walked into a prison. The inmates, I mean, old people, would try and hide food at lunch and dinner, some would just put the food in their mouth and pocket the food in their cheeks like rodents. The nurses would have to come by and finger out the food in their mouth. UGH! Gross. Also, I saw an inordinate amount of poop from this experience.

 And just so you know, I think poop jokes are hilarious. I'm pretty sure I have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy. But when I'm forced to observe poop(ing), it is no longer is a laughing matter.

On that note, you guys should all be grateful that your jobs do not suck, like really badly. Everyone's job sucks a little, but at least you don't have to feed people gnat infested lettuce, or deal with bodily fluids.

What are your favorite/least favorite jobs?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flagstaff is a horrible HORRIBLE town.... maybe?

We were heading to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago to visit Doug's younger brother, we will call him "Bobby" (since I don't know if wants to be featured in my blog). He just bought a gorgeous condo in Las Vegas, so originally we wanted to go to help him paint, but the painting was 99% done so we didn't lift a finger (we are such nice people).

On the way down there we passed through Flagstaff, Arizona but not without the attention of some sneaky cops. They weren't really sneaky, but they did hide extremely well. Doug drove for most of the trip, but I decided to jump behind the wheel since the landscape was wonderful and all the "major cities" we went through felt like small towns, which gives me no anxiety to drive through them. I maintained a speed between 5-10 miles over the speed limit, which mind you, was the exact same speed my husband was just driving too, and I got pulled over.
It went down like this.
Me: "Doug isn't the snow on these hills gorgeous. Flagstaff is not such a bad place!"
Doug: "Yeah, its really pretty"
Me: "OH CRAP, OH CRAP, OH CRAP THERE IS A COP!" (he was nestled between two pretty hills)
Then he got up next to me, and slowed down, and as soon as he turned on his lights, I turned on my hazard lights instead of my turn signal and pulled off to the side of the road.

While he was running my plates to see if  I was driving a stolen car, Doug got out my license and our registration out. He is such a good husband, if he were to get pulled over, I would have been frozen, and wouldn't have been able to compose myself around the officer, and I probably would have turned on the hazard lights.

The cop asked me if I knew how fast I was going, and figuring that honesty is the best policy, I decided to say..."Oh, I don't know, around 85", I immediately felt stupid for telling him I was CLEARLY breaking the law, its basically like running up to a cop and saying "I'm breaking the law!" but in this case the cop said "Yes, I did clock you in at 85". I thought for sure he was going to write me a ticket, and then I'd have to feel guilty for the rest of our Vegas trip, but he said the magic words "I'll just write you a warning".

Flagstaff isn't so bad afterall. The warning came back with a clocked speed of 79 mph! What a nice guy!

The rest of the trip went off without a hitch! We visited fancy casino's and plenty of awesome local casinos, that were off the strip. Thats where we won the most money. The last place we visited was called The Canery and it was all 1940's pin up themed, it was so cute! And this guy fell asleep on a slot machine next to me, which was highly entertaining.
I love that she is so CLOTHED! It was nice seeing that for a change (Vegas can be gross).
Then it was back to work for Doug and I, and I was dragging for 3 days after we got back.

In other news, I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn, last Friday and it was awesome, except I miss the enthusiam of southern movie goers. They cheer, and clap, and laugh, I miss that. The movie was overall an awesome one, but it did have some horrible scenes, like any that had those CGI wolves, ugh, they are so poorly done, they should hire WETA (the nerds who did Lord of The Ring), those guys are AWESOME!

Stupid Twilight with its horrible CGI
Awesome LOTR with its elephant-y animals
I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving, I know I will. "Bobby" is coming over from Las Vegas, and we plan on watching some Ghostbusters, and making an awesome turkey dinner; jealous?